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Aspen Extended Edition Alternate Cover-
Aspen Extended Edition Alternate Cover

Collecting together Geoff Johns and Michael Turner's complete 37-page Fathom story from the original three Aspen issues, this incredible Extended Edition also contains a whole lot more! Over 6 new pages of brand-new art and story have been added, including an entirely new ending sequence featuring a stunning scene between Aspen and the Black. It's an ending any Fathom fan will surely not want to miss! Jam-packed cover-to-cover with nothing but amazing art, an intriguing story, and breathtaking colors, this incredible issue has it all! Plus: a special Aspen cover gallery showcasing every cover images from the first three Aspen issues, featuring images of Fathom, Ekos and Soulfire! This great issue is the first must-have book of the year! Perfect bound.

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