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Roca's work has an energy that positively crackles, and his women have a powerful authority to match their awesome beauty. A long-time contributor to the SQP line of books, his total body of work both in Europe and the States is truly staggering, and now it's been assembled into the first of many volumes. Paintings, sketches, studies, and personal projects, it's all here for the fan and the student.

About the Author Born in Barcelona, Spain in 1940, Luis Martinez Roca led the life of a truly fortunate human being - he followed his bliss and was richly rewarded for it. Showing an early talent for drawing, he parlayed his abilities quickly, and by his teenage years, was pulling in advertising assignments from throughout Europe. He worked on movie posters for the major studios, and is perhaps best known in America for his contribution to the classic horror magazines of the 60's and 70's, including Creepy, Eerie, and of course - Vampirella.

64 pages.

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